Wine cellar

The Villa la Massa Wine Cellar, situated in The Mill and beneath Il Verrocchio Restaurant, is an architectural gem dating to the fifteenth century. Private tastings are organized for small groups of guests in this striking location whose décor is reminiscent of Renaissance elegance and harmony. The hotel’s central position in the Chianti Rufina wine region means that the Villa La Massa Wine Cellar vaunts past vintages and a vast selection of labels for fine tastings from Tuscany as well as top wines from elsewhere in Italy.

These experiences are available on request and can be personalized according to the number of participants and their tastes.

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Stay for Longer (3×2)

Unwind at the beautiful Villa La Massa and enjoy an extra night of indulgence on us.


“Villa La Massa Excellence” is a prestigious three-day event dedicated to vintage car enthusiasts.

Suite Retreat

A romantic 2-night getaway in the “cradle of the Renaissance”!