Medicean Bar

The Bar Mediceo, set like a jewel in the main villa, is a glamorous and alluring lounge where
guests can sip an aperitif or one of the Villa La Massa signature cocktails.

The cocktail list is presented in two sections: “La Villa”, which is based on Villa La Massa’s
past and its most eminent guests. “Like a Virgin” is one of the signature cocktails, dedicated
to Madonna, a famous guest of the hotel. It’s a twist on the Cosmopolitan, whose colours are
loyal to the original thanks to a hibiscus infusion. The “Iris” cocktail also takes centre stage:
vodka, iris cordial, bitters and orange pay tribute to the famous iris gardens at Villa La Massa.

The second section, “Como-Firenze”, aimed at connecting Villa d’Este and Villa La Massa,
features exceedingly refined drinks. “Nocciolino” is a homage to traditional cookies from
Como and the world-famous lake. Nocciolini di Canzo are hazelnut cookies and the cocktail
is bound to Florence with vin santo.

Opening Hours: 17:00 – 00:00

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