The Medicean Bar, the Pool Bar and the Tuscan Bistrot






Situated in the Noble Villa, the Medicean Bar offers a wide selection of grappe (Italian eau-de-vie), whiskies, brandies and cocktails. The Pool Bar is open during the summer months and is located near the swimming-pool with a view of the Arno.

The Tuscan Bistrot, which is located in the Noble Villa next to the Medicean Bar, offers a cozy ambience where guests can have lunch or dinner.

At the Medicean Bar, the Pool Bar or the Tuscan Bistrot guests will find a menu with a selection of dishes by the Chef available for both lunch and dinner. Throughout the day the Medicean Bar and the Pool Bar are open for light snacks. 

Opening hours

The Tuscan Bistrot, the Medicean Bar and the Pool Bar:

from 12.30 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.